The General Room

The General Room is a premier co-working space with a mission: that of providing stylish and professional corporate efficiency to help businesses manage their office better.  We provide a base for businesses that is forward-thinking and tech-inclined. 

Taking inspiration from the prestige and respect that a General commands, we take pride in providing businesses with the infrastructure for them to excel on the field.

The General Room Provides

A spacious, warm and welcoming lobby area with multiple discussion areas

Comfortable and well-designed large cubicle offices

Well-equipped meeting rooms with advanced facilities for global interactions

Individual desks with comfortable seats and ergonomic desks

The latest technical infrastructure (fast-speed broadband, fast photocopying, fax and printing services and a well-equipped pantry with premium consumables)

Professional and well-trained concierge/reception personnel

Networking opportunities and community/member programmes for partnerships and collaborations

Time & Space

Command Size

Command Facilities




The General Room provides a wide range of amenities for the comfort of our members and their guests.

Impress your guests every time!


Warm and welcoming, stylishly designed and decorated; impress your guests when they first step into The General Room.

Pantry (Fortifications)

Thoughtfully stocked, especially for the well-being of our members, their staff, and partners. Our range of healthy dining options will delight you. Consumables are free for members and their guests.

Office Supplies (The Armory)

Well-replenished with stationery and supplies to provide you with the necessary tools to do your best on the field. Free to use for members.